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Panel design and manufacture by Peter Cos.
I was approached by Peter Cos to see if we could make a set of high quality "NOVA" style panels for the F-16 Blaock 50/52. I looked into his style of panels and they looked extremely good, so agreed to help in the development of these panels. These have now been produced and are available from Peter. Check out his site for info.

Completed set.
The set of panels laid out in plan form.
LH Side Console Panel Installation.
Here the panels are nearly all installed and the switches in place (even though not wired up yet). You can also see the Canopy Jettison handle, Defog lever, and Alt Gear Release handle are fitted.
LH Side Panels.
Close up of the LH Fwd and Aux panel with some of the hardware in place. Starting to look better every day now.