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This shows the actual progression of the Aimsworth cockpit from arrival to now.
I had been in contact with Jurgen Hemmann at Aimsworth Corporation in Thailand for quite a while and then one day he made me an offer that I had to think hard about. I was asked to be one of his "research developers" for the new F-16 cockpits he was building. So after a long think on it I accepted the offer made and became one of his team. This invovled the purchase of the first version he was producing and to continually give feedback thru questionaires, emails, ideas, etc. This is leading to the evolution of his second version.

The arrival of the boxes from Aimsworth Corp. This was a drama in itself. Not the sending but the Customs clearance !!! Turned out to be more expensive than thought with the duty and tax.

  Assembled. A very straight forward buildup and the cockpit is in action. AND it looks great as well.

  Aft View. The cockpit as assembled from the box. So good it just has to be fitted out with panels and switches. Also it will have working lights and indicators.