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I am a 37 y/o Australian living/working here in Malaysia with Malaysian Airlines as a Licensed Aircraft Engineer on B747-200/300 and -400 aircraft. I have been here for 4 years and hopefully will still be here for a few more.
Previously I have done 11 years in the Royal Australian Air Force working on DhC4a Caribou (38 Sqn and 79 Sqn) and F-111 (3AD) aircraft.
Also I spent 6 years at ASTA Aircraft Services, just outside of Melbourne, working on a variety of civil aircraft, in particular 747's.

The Story Behind This Project.
For all my years I have been interested in aircraft. So naturally when I began playing on a Commodore 64 computer with the "flight sims" they had around in those days my interest began in getting a cockpit built. I have had many, many years of thoughts/ideas and have now begun to put together a simulator of the F-16 Block 50 aircraft. With the release of Falcon 4 and the subsequent upgrades/patches, we are now at a stage where a truely imersive military simulator can be built.

My end goal is to have the simulator with full working controls, switches and MFD's. Also a projected view for visuals and eventually a custom built canopy. A project that will keep me busy for a while indeed.

Special Thanks to People.
- My wife Mylene and daughter Charlene for their support and help in this project. And for putting up with all my rambling on about it.
- Chris "SpeedOne" Van Lierop for the terrific set of plans he has put on the his web site for an ACES II replica.
- Martin Schmitt for his extremely good site with his F-16 simulator.
- Steve Smith for his help and guidance. I wish there were more people like him in this world.
- Jurgen Hemmann and the Aimsworth Corporation (including the rest of the team of prototypers) for all the help, support and advice.
- Peter Cos for the support and help in getting the panels to the be what they are.
- The incredibly talented people out there who are involved in patches and mods for Falcon4. Your products are just making this better and better every day. It is truely appreachiated by all.
- And the many more who have offered me help and ideas, I thank you.

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